American “Champagne”

My Christmas always involves a trip to the US of A, and when in America I buy American.  So for Christmas dinner some American Sparkling wines are in order.

Chandon describes themselves as having “their roots in France and their hearts in California”. The roots, of course, are  Moët & Chandon – makers of Dom Perignon (can anyone say Moët & Chandon and not start singing “Killer Queen” in a Freddy Mercury voice?).  Piper Sonoma also has French roots in Piper-Heidsieck.  So I get French tradition from California at $20 a bottle. Merry Christmas to me!

The Brut wines are both dry, toasty, and bubbly.   The secret ingredient is the bubbles – which tradition says we owe to Dom Perignon.  Thanks Dom – Merry Christmas to you too.


Joyeux Noel Dom



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