Icewine at Night – Inniskillin

Photo blog from the Icewine Dinner at Inniskillin
Icewine Vodka Martini in an Iceglass

Pingue's Meats & Upper Canada Cheese

Glacier Bay Oysters with Icewine mignonette – Served in the cellar with Sparkling Vidal Icewine


Crispy Pork Belly from that magical animal

Vidal Foie Gras Brulee? The Chef is just showing off

Strip Loin with Bernaise demands a closeup


Don't lick the Icebar set up for smores - serving Cabernet Franc hot chocolate


Callebaut Chocolate and CabFranc Icewine - say no more!

Ridiculously large chunks of Aged Parmesan with Oak Aged Vidal

Thank you to the staff at Inniskillin, Marcie, Chef David Penny and Winemaker Bruce Nicholson.  I took photos because words would not do it justice.

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