Speaking of Coffee

I like how people talk about coffee.  “That’s a good coffee” or “That’s a good strong coffee”. Either we like it and drink it or hate it and leave it in our mug unfinished. I have a close relative that likes all coffee.  He once declared that his favorite coffee was “any size for a dollar” coffee at the local gas station. Good guy, but he’s not the most discerning relative I have.

Why do people get in a fuss talking about wine.  “That’s a good wine” or “That’s a really good wine” would usually suffice. I like the Spaniards and their “Colosseum Approach” to wine – thumbs up or thumbs down.  “Let it live – drink it” or “Let it die – let someone else drink it”.  Unless the wine is really good or very expensive just let it go and enjoy it. More sipping less talking.

That's the nicest crema photo I've ever seen

I did however, find a reason this week to think deeply and talk about the coffee I was drinking. I received 2 lbs of coffee via mail order from Transcend Coffee in Edmonton.  These guys are serious about their coffee.  They fly to Central America to buy from the growers, they roast their own beans, they send out specific brewing instructions for each type of bean, and the coffee is out of this world. They are even venturing into the tourism business as they have a coffee trip planned to meet growers in Costa Rica.  Thumbs up to all that!


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