Je Refuse

“What wine do you recommend for the Superbowl?”.  I have been asked this question all week and I refuse to make a recommendation.  Why? I actually have several well-thought out reasons.

Steelers’ Pro-Bowl defensive end Brett Keisel for one. Really, does this man look like he drinks wine? Maybe I am overstereotyping (what? Spell-check says that’s not a word?) but I doubt it.  He actually looks like he wields an axe in Lord of the Ring conventions in his spare time – or eats grizzlie bears, but certainly not a red wine guy.

Reason two – If I am going to recommend anything with the Superbowl it’s going to be shampoo.  Steelers Pro-bowl safety Troy Polamalu already has a Head and Shoulders sponsorship (and I bought some this week) – but I am really waiting to see what hair product gets on board with Clay Matthews Jr. – that’s hair that I can both relate and aspire to.

So here I am distracted again.  The question was “what wine do you pair with the Superbowl” and I end up talking about the three guys in the Superbowl with the best hair.

Oh and Clay Matthews Jr, your Dad’s the reason I don’t cheer for the Steelers.  Go Browns.


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3 responses to “Je Refuse

  • Heathcliff

    Thank you for refusing…American football is far more a beer drinking activity. How can you pair wines with chips and dip, nachos and salsa, popcorn or whatever chemical flavoured tv snack you like out there?

    I struggle with the superbowl every year…I end up watching it alone as my wife does not care for it and frankly, I’d rather eat “real” food with a nice glass of wine or have an ‘adult’ cocktail as opposed to sharing a keg with twenty friends and eating hot dogs.

    At least I will be able to perform my job tomorrow and not wake in a hangover of beer and pretzel breath.

  • John

    Well, if nothing else I feel better about my choice to use H&S! I had both beer and wine Super Bowl Sunday – and it helped me avoid any confusion. When in doubt … drink everything!

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