Wowed by Billy’s App

I am a big fan of Billy’s Best Bottles and the genius behind the brand – Billy Munnelly. I first became a fan of Billy while reading about a wine tasting in the Toronto Star.  The author of the article was listing the people at the tasting  and remarked that while the “experts” were waiting for the wine to be poured Billy Munnelly was in the corner trying to figure out how to get the hotel’s espresso machine started. I felt an instant connection with that man in the corner.

Now Billy, and his partner Kato, have come up with a BRILLIANT (yes, I meant to yell that) app for the iPhone – and happily, I own an iPhone (thank you Steve Jobs). I could play with this app all day.  I let my wife open the app to look at – she was won over instantly by the cork that spins when the app opens.  She’s easily amused by things like that. So am I.

I love the content. Billy is the champion of wines that are affordable and unpretentious. Each of Billy’s recommendations comes with a bottle shot (can be enlarged to full screen) and the product code, which is applicable Canada-wide.  “I’ve kept this app as simple as my books – thirty years of drinking experience scaled down to what is essential. No strange wine lingo, no challenging gourmet food pairings, and no silly scores for the wines. Wine geeks will probably hate it, but if your focus is the drinking experience, my app will get you there quickly with the wine best suited for your situation.” Billy

The App is as easy to use as the Billy’s Best Bottles book and more convenient because it’s also on my telephone.  Albert Einstein, you would have been so happy to live in these crazy times.

Recently I guest blogged at and praised Billy’s web site as one of my places of inspiration on the internet. Now it’s on my phone.

Screen Shot Rustic Reds

Screen Shot House Reds



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