Trying to be American

It’s Easter weekend,  lamb is on the menu and I’m in America trying to be American. However, on a visit to the local wine store I found my cart full of French wine – a Champagne, a Burgundy, and a lovely delicate white also from Burgundy.  The wine matched the menu but I have a rule to try and blend in when I’m in America.    It’s also not easy to blend in because I know I am a smug Canadian whenever I hear somebody talking hockey – “I understand, you don’t”, is what is always on the tip of my tongue. It’s only my good manners (another annoying Canadian trait) that keeps me from saying anything.  Also, I try not to apologize all the time for things that I didn’t even do.

My “blend in” strategy is partly to drink American wine.  So I put back the Champagne and picked up a Mumm sparkling wine from California.  Likewise the French white went back on the shelf in favor (American spelling of favour) of a delicate Viognier from Cline.  The only thing I couldn’t do was put back the Burgundy – $15 for a $35 bottle of wine?  I had to keep it.  Come to think of it, how very American of me.

La Tour - Le deal

Cline Viognier

Mumm from Cali

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