Royal Interest

Now I’m officially interested in the Royal Wedding – the Champagne has been announced and it’s good news bad news.  Good news that the Champagne is available to me in Ontario for $60 a bottle.  However, I’m so disappointed in the Royals. The Champagne is a Non-Vintage Pol Roger.  Come on royal family!  Put on some snobbery for the rest of us.  If we’re like you and you’re like us then where’s the fun in that.  To paraphrase her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, “I am not amused”.

Here’s the news from a local news source 

Amber LeBlanc, 680News In-House Sommelier Apr 28, 2011 05:35:07 AM

TORONTO, On. – Bollinger has been the champagne of choice for royals since 1884, but guests to Prince William and Catherine’s wedding will enjoy non-vintage Pol Roger, Decanter magazine reported. The champagne of choice is being considered a shocker in the British drinking establishment; however, the good news for Canadians is it’s something readily available at LCBO stores throughout the country.Pol Roger, a very recognizable and reputable brand, deviates from past royal protocol and also deviates financially – showing a slight attempt by the royals to cut down on excess in a time of extreme recession in Britain. “It might have been a decision where they went with a non-vintage champagne to show they’re not as pretentious as a lot of people think and our attitude is that it’s something the average consumer can go to the LCBO and buy. So, on that end it’s great because it’s not often you have the opportunity to do that,” said Chris Churchill, owner of Toronto’s Churchill Cellars, which imports the drink to Ontario and Atlantic Canada. 

At less than $60 a bottle, it’s much cheaper than what was served during Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding reception, where 1973 Vintage Bollinger was the drink of choice. Although, the current economic climate in the UK does not allow for a bar bill similar to what Charles rang up in 1981, where over 1500 bottles were served to 2500 guests – $100,000 in champagne costs alone.

Vintage Champagne is created in the best vintages, making it’s less available and more expensive, as a opposed to non-vintages.

“It’s a good opportunity for everyday people to go out and celebrate in the royal style,” said Churchill.


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