Miguel’s Infinite Wisdom

Senior Torres is at it again –  hitting the market with a $12 bottle of Tempranillo and Cab Sav wine –  Torres Infinite – that is delicious and tastes like a good $12 bottle of wine .  That may not sound like  a compliment but it’s meant as one.  I have bought many $12 bottles that should have been priced at $5 so that I could have overlooked them as cheap and poorly made instead of buying them and being thoroughly disappointed.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a backhanded compliment but as I was drinking this wine I kept thinking, “This isn’t bad” and realizing that it was in fact quite good.  Not too much fruit – but good Tempranillo fruitiness.  Not too sharp – but nice tannic finish.  It doesn’t taste like a $30 wine – but it would be great at a BBQ with steak or burgers. 

It’s a good wine!


Spain | Miguel Torres S.A.,
LCBO 231795 | 750 mL
WAS: $ 12.95 | NOW: $ 11.95 | SAVE: $ 1.00
until June 19 at the LCBO



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