Hat Trick

I’ve started buying wine three bottles at a time.   I noticed that in hockey when a player scores two goals in a game the crowd cheers, impressed by the accomplishment, and then sits down. But three goals is another story.  Three goals has its own name – the “Hat Trick”. Nobody throws anything for 2 goals but people literally remove their headgear and throw in on the ice in celebration of the third goal! There is something about that third goal that is specialer.

So now I buy my wine in threes – or in “Hat Tricks” as I now call them. “One to try, one to keep for later, and one to share” is my motto. Or if the wine is exceptional my motto is “Hat Trick! Hands Off it’s all mine” and I drink all three myself (not in the same night).  If it’s bad then the rule is “One to try, two to give away“.  So if I bring wine to your house you might want to ask which rule I followed.

What do they do with those hats?

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