Arts and Crafts

 The term “Craft Wines” reminds me of my camp days.  Crafts were a cheap substitute for art and usually involved popsicle sticks, glue, and elbow macaroni.  Call that “Art” and the entire Boho community lobbies  and shuts down your blog.  Travis doesn’t need that.

However, Craft Wines are truly art – arguably more so than  big name wines.  The winemaker at a craft winery has less volume to work with but often fewer restrictions on their creativity. The craft winemaker is truly an artist.

I met one such artist on Saturday at a Craft Wine Fair in my local LCBO.  Jim WarrenStoney Ridge Winery is what his golf shirt said.  Like most artists he was understated in his mannerisms.  It wasn’t until his explanation that Charlotte’s Unoaked Chardonnay was named after his wife that I asked him if he was maybe the owner or winemaker or something – since it’s not often that a salesman gets to name a wine.  Founder and winemaker for over 25 years to be exact!

Perhaps our instant connection came from the fact that he was a former school teacher (I discovered that on the internet without the use of Wikipedia).  A former high school teacher turned winemaker?  I think I know what I’m going to do when I grow up.

I bought two bottles of his delicious Pinot Noir – I would describe it to you but I think you need to experience it yourself.  To quote Pablo Neruda “When you explain poetry, it becomes banal.” 


Canada | Stoney Ridge Cellars Ltd.
LCBO 156125 | 750 mL
WAS: $ 14.95 | NOW: $ 13.95 | SAVE: $ 1.00


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