Blind Wine tasting party – part 2

Hosting a blind wine tasting party is fun – this year I c0-hosted at D&E’s house.  The rules were simple.  Bring a bottle of red (under $20) wrapped in newspaper (the “blind” part) – we taste them all and then vote on our favorite.  Eleven of us showed up and 6 wines were poured.  Some of the more competitive people took the tasting to another level by trying to pick out their own wine and identify varietals and regions – but mostly it was a good laugh had by all.

You need lots of glasses

The pour


5 of my 6 wines

The competitors were Gnarly Head Zin & Ravenswood Zin (California), Gran Fuedo reserva (Spain, Navarra) , Casa Concha Cab Sav (Chile), Oyster Bay Merlot (NZ) and Lighthouse Cab Franc (Pelee Isl).  I was having so much fun pouring the wine that I forgot to guess which  wine was mine. 

Turns out that I ranked my Ravenswood last – but it did garner a first place vote and three second place votes. For the silver medal the Gnarly Head 2009 Zinfandel narrowly edged out the Gran Fuedo 2005 Temranillo even though each received three first place votes.  The winner was the Marques de Casa Concha 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile – which was too bad because the 2nd most competitive person at the party brought it and then lorded it over me for the rest of the evening.

The podium - cool label maker Dave


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