Costco Champagne – Booooooo!

My cousin Ed lives in Calgary where the wine flows like beer – you can buy it in the grocery store. You can even buy “Champagne” at Costco.  Ed purchased such “wine”. I did not approve and  have included our correspondance on the matter.  Furthermore, I think we should “boo” people and companies a lot more than we do. Don’t just save it for sporting events. See if you can boo somebody this week.

EdBought a few bottles of (Kirkland Champagne) today. Sometimes you have to forget the label and drink what tastes good! (also got an $11 Segura Viudas Cava for a side by side).

Me – Please don’t buy Kirkland – if you encourage that type of behaviour then 7-11, Mac’s Milk, and Esso will be making their own brand as well. I don’t care if some “sell-out” French guy did make it and then got the buyers drunk over a two hour tour of his estate – it’s just plain wrong.

Edha ha ha ha – wine snobbery at its best! nicely done.

MeCan I use this dialogue as a blog entry – it seems funnier to me each time I read it T

Ed Yes, I am funny. You have permission to use it. Unfortunately I have to drink my purchase, but I promise not to enjoy it

Poor misguided cousin Ed.  I think I might need to correspond with him more in the future.



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8 responses to “Costco Champagne – Booooooo!

  • Heathcliff

    I second your boo and raise you a pppppppfffffffgggggghhhhhhh!

    I am curious about cousin Ed’s comment “…forget the label and drink what tastes good.” I cannot imagine that it does…taste good that is.

    I admit that perhaps I may purchase no name cheddar cheese on occasion, but that does not mean that I will purchase ‘cheez whiz’…which is a ‘cheese product’….meaning not real cheese.

    Perhaps the Kirkland brand can be re-labelled “champagne-product”?

  • Cousin Ed

    I’m so sorry that you are subjected to and influenced by LCBO’s guidelines to labelling. Label shmable. Being trapped in a box is, well, so inhibiting. But, if you are accustomed to small spaces, make sure you never, ever try the Kirkland Signature Macallan Distillery 18yr. Single Malt Scotch (Sherry Cask Finish). That is much worse than the champagne. Seriously awful stuff! ha ha ha ha.

  • Travis Oke

    You thought that Costo might make a good Scotch Whiskey?

  • Cousin Ed

    I’m sure they would make terrible Scotch, but they are very talented at putting a “Kirkland” right next to the “Macallan” and dropping the price from your $249 (so very sorry) to my price (too low to list here – call for actual price), so you should now avoid Macallan products as well, and Grey Goose and….. 🙂

  • Cousin Ed

    Is wine serious or is it fun? Touche. (first time to touche my own comment!)

  • John

    I question the the reality of these relationships: champagne and kirklands; Cousin Ed and kirklands; Cousin Ed and Travis – maybe we should start a show called Cousin Ed goes to Costco! I’m up to produce it if someone can get a budget together.

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