Tornado watch wine

Weather Network addicts raise your hand.  What did you do during the tornado watch of Wednesday night?  Aside from learning the word “tornadic” and learning about “strobe lightning” I realized that it is a great idea to have a wine cellar in your basement – in case you need to scramble to your basement because of the tornadic weather. Just remember to grab some cheese from the fridge on your way down.

To say that I was a storm chaser Wednesday night is a bit of an exaggeration – but I did take tornado watching to a new level.  Sitting on my porch I watched the lightning show and watched for funnel clouds with a nice bottle of Cava.  After that we brought out the prosciutto, cheese, salami, and bread and then opened a nice sturdy bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon – Stone Dwellers Cab from Australia.  You remember Stone Dwellers? I still refer to it as the Gord Stimmell wine. It seemed a good idea to be drinking Stone Dwellers in the event of a tornado.  It is a strong wine that was perfect for battening down the hatches on a stormy night.

Tornado watch wine

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One response to “Tornado watch wine

  • John

    I opted for some Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc – thinking that if a twister picked me up off my back porch it might drop me someplace warm and sunny! Whatever.

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