Educate Our Youth

I learned two things today.  First thing –  if you live near a University don’t go to the wine store on a Thursday night.  Thing two –  if you are in a wine store don’t listen to college kids recommending wine to their friends.  They are not the discerning demographic group.  I should have known that from the kid purchasing a bottle of vodka and a 6 pack of Miller Light cans – but that’s not even what tipped me off.  It was a conversation that I overheard in the aisle next to me.

“Girls’ Night Out is a great Rosé” was the comment that almost made me drop my imported British beer.  I really think we need to change our entire Education system. Girls’ Night Out is NOT a great rosé – neither is the Girls’ Night Out Sangria in a 1.5 mL bottle. Girls’ Night Out may be tasty, it may be a great value, it may even be cute – but we do need to educate our youth in the ways of wine.  Muga and Gran Fuedo are great Rosé wines – as is practically anything from Provence –  but a wine with a pink sundress on the label is not an indication of a great wine. Sorry girls – but I hope you did have a nice girls’ night out .

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