Now that’s a vending machine

Seriously – a vending machine that dispenses wine bottles.  All you do is  blow into a machine (to prove sobriety), swipe the credit card (to prove  you have money), and then hopefully a bottle of wine drops out (to prove how crazy the whole thing is). 

Pennsylvania  – “America Starts Here” – is using wine vending machines on a trial basis.  The government who won’t let  you buy wine in a  grocery store sells wine like it was  a bag of Skittles!  In a report issued last week, Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner says the state liquor control board’s wine vending machines are operating at a loss, costing taxpayers more than $1 million since they were introduced a year ago. I’m no business major, but shouldn’t you make money when you have a monopoly on something?

In the words of Yackov Smirnoff “What a country!”

Full article here


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