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Stop calling me Sherry

If you even suspect that you might be cold this winter then you need to put a bottle of Amontillado within reach.

First made famous by a certain Edgar Allan Poe in his classic story The Cask of Amontillado (published in 1846) and then made slightly less famous in my classic blog post  The Cask of Amontillado (published in April 2010) – which admittedly was mostly about Edgar Allan Poe’s story.

This wine is nutty with a bourbon-like nose  and a steal at under $11.

During the process of making Amontillado the wine is placed in American butts.  It means that they were placed in American oak butts, which really only means American oak barrels but it’s funnier the way I wrote it.

LCBO 112789 | Price: $ 10.95
17.0% Alcohol/Vol.

Thanks Edgar for the funny story about revenge, murder, and Amontillado.

Stuck on Gilligan’s Island

My wife’s friend’s friend Bernadette declared this Hungarian “Champagne” to be her favorite. I’m inclined not to argue with her so I drank it – a little skeptically since I am a little bit of a wine snob – and I liked the Hungaria. I liked it a lot.  I like it more now that I know the producer is Torley Pezsgopinceszet Kft – whatever that means – because it makes me giggle and fits in with my natural propensity to pursue a high level of foolishness in life.

I like the fact that is says “HUNGARIA” on the neck, just in case you forgot where it came from. Hungaria never tasted so good. Nice mousse, small bubbles and crisp enough to keep me drinking it.  Inexpensive enough to keep my buying it. I can safely say that if I was stuck on Gilligan’s Island with only one wine from Hungary to drink  this would be it.

Köszönet Bernadette és John.

LCBO 217539 |  Price: $ 11.95
12.0% Alcohol/Vol. Sugar Content : 1
Made in: , Hungary By: Torley Pezsgopinceszet Kft (hee hee)

Zywiec i Zubr

Bought a Polish sampler from the wine store today.  Did it because I spent the summer of ’07 in Poland with my brother who lived there.  He taught me the ABCs of Polish beer. Turns out that most of the vowels in Polish are Zs and so the ABCs look quite different.  I never did understand what he was trying to say.  I did learn that when men were walking with beer [Piwo] it was Zubr and if you were eating pizza there was a Zywiec umbrella at the table.   Come to think of it nothing made much sense to me there.   The piwo was good though.

Marmalade, milk, and Bombay sold separately

Hailing the Black Cab

Drank another great local wine this weekend.  Eastdell’s Black Cab is a blend of Baco Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon – arguably (and I am willing to argue with anyone on this) 3 of the best red wine varietals that grow in Ontario.

42% Baco Noir, 27% Cab Franc, and 31% Cabernet Sauvignon – dark fruits from the Baco, a green grass acidity from the Franc, depth and tannins from the Cab Sav.  This is a great wine!

LCBO 609875 | Price: $ 12.95


Black Cab™ is crafted from varieties that grow well in Niagara’s cool climate: Baco Noir and Cabernet. Crimson in colour showing aromas of dark berry fruits, vanilla, raspberry, cranberry and spice on the nose. Deep brooding dark fruit characters typical of Baco Noir are present on the palate with black cherry and blackberry flavours, bright tannins and great balance. Drink now or cellar for 3-4 years.

It’s just funny

This was emailed to me this week – also was posted on a Facebook wall.  I thought it too funny not to share.

Anyone notice the grammatical error?  It’s my brother in Spain’s grammatical error joke from 8 summers ago.  And it’s an good joke.

Feeling a little French today

My recent trip to the wine store yielded an all French purchase.  My standard French purchase is a Cotes du Rhone – I got three of them – and I picked up a Beaujolais just to remind my taste buds that Nouveau season is less than 2 months away. If you ever feel in a French state of  mind then give these bottles a flutter.


Mommesin Beaujolais – light and playful, because sometime I don’t feel serious $9.95

La Vieille Ferme – you can never go wrong with the Old Farm $11.95

Carte Noire Celliers des Dauphins – drink out of the bottle that Napoleon drank from (well that’s what it looks like to me) $10.95

Louis Bernard Cotes du Rhone – Lou “Boom Boom” Bernard makes a decent CdR  at $11.95