Holiday Magic

The first Vintages Holiday catalogue arrived in the mail yesterday!  It actually sat in the mail pile for over 2 hours before my wife casually mentioned that “the LCBO Christmas catalogue arrived today“.   I squealed with delight, grabbed a Sharpie and tucked in.

In between the Don Pérignon gift set ($230), the magnum of Rioja (LAN reserva $40) and the enormous Chianti (Da Vinci 5000 mL) I found my favorite page.

“Save the Date! Beaujolais Nouveau arrives on Vintages shelves November 17”  – Beaujolais Nouveau!  I love Nouveau.  It marks the beginning of Christmas celebrations in our house.  Fresh, fruity, effervescent – it’s a  wine for the masses.

Now I work at being a wine snob as much as the next guy but I can’t help but be happy about this simple wine inexpensive wine.  It’s just fun for me – and hey, if wine isn’t fun then you shouldn’t be drinking it.

Also, after drinking Nouveau for a month that magnum of LAN and the 5000 mL Chianti are going to taste really good.

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3 responses to “Holiday Magic

  • Marc Gagnon

    Only 13 more sleeps until “Le nouveau est arrivee”! We host a huge nouveau party every year (we went through 35 bottles last year) on the Friday night following the release and enjoy the simplicity and insights into the current years harvest that these new wines provide. Glad to hear that there are other wine lovers out there who share our passion.


    • Travis Oke

      We do the same at our house – probably the same volume as lots of people come.
      Every couple that comes brings a chilled Nouveau and an appetizer – the party makes itself.
      It’s our best party of the year.


    Wine is fun – except when it taste like vinegar!

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