Hello my name is Shiraz Bordeaux

You may have read that I recently went online and changed my name to Shiraz Bordeaux.   Shiraz is a tough, strong, manly wine and the Aussies do it well.  I like it because it’s not subtle.  “I’m not going to hit you kid. I’m not going to hit you … like hell I’m not going to hit you”.

Bordeaux is all classy, European, and sophisitcated. It’s usually very expensive and quite snobby. I wish I could afford more of it. Iwouldn’t mind dressing all expensive and snobby once in a while too.

So for my way of thinking – the name Shiraz Bordeaux is a  cross somewhere between John Wayne’s tough guy image and James Bond’s (Sean Connery) sauviness.

I like to think I’m like both those guys.  I’m not – but I like to think that.

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