Spend a lot

This Christmas I think that a paradigm shift is overdue. Bottom line –  people need to recontextualize, literally think outside the box, and spend a lot of money ad nauseam this Christmas.

I recommend either a case of absurdly large bottles of Chianti for $99 or a normal sized bottle of Dom Perignon with the gift pack crystal stemware at $240 for everyone on your extended shopping list.

Alternately, a modestly priced French red wine would make a nice gift – there are 200 of this Côtes du Rhône  available in Guelph alone. After all, modest is the new extravagant.

LES CELETTES 2009                                VINTAGES 235010 | $ 13.95

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2 responses to “Spend a lot

  • Brother in Spain

    Really out-of-the-box post. This is the kind of higher level thinking that is likely to create real synergistic co-optetion in the wine blogging community.

  • Travis Oke

    I like the way you think – that proves that leaders are born and not made – it’s that kind of blue-sky thinking that keeps this dog and pony show growing forward

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