Wikipedia this

Teachers are always telling students that researching a topic using Wikipedia [the free English Encylopedia] is not reliable or accurate.  I’m not so sure. Looking at  the entry on Wine I’ve learned a lot about the Wikipedia issue.

First evidence –  “Wine is an alcoholic beverage” – by all accounts sound, accurate research. Obvious but accurate – in the style of  Malcolm Gladwell who has made a blinking killing writing about the obvious and we trust him.

Second evidence – “The English word ‘wine’ comes from the Proto-Germanic ‘*winam’, an early borrowing from the Latin vinum, (cf. Hittite: wiyana)”.  I can’t argue with either the Hittites or Latin etymology

My conclusions1. Using Wikipedia is far more accurate than drawing conclusions based on two pieces of evidence and 2. Chill out, chill your red wine, and remember the only bad research is no research.

I was going to make this a video blog post but I couldn’t get the people from YouTube to come and film it.

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