An offer I couldn’t refuse

March 15, 1972 marked the release of The Godfather – the touchstone movie by Francis Ford Coppola. As a tribute to its 40th anniversary I went in search of more Italian-American classics to bring to a party. This is what I found.

Primitivo (Italian) and Zinfandel (American) are actually the same grape.  Science proved itself useful again when DNA testing verified that just a few years ago – so I brought a Primitivo and two Zins to a party. By the way, Zinfandel is NOT your grandmother’s pink Zinfandel that she sipped with an ice-cube in the glass (although that’s perfectly acceptable behaviour if you’re a grandmother) – today’s Zinfandel is a great red wine that can be big and powerful like Don Corleone.

I have always liked the Cline Zinfandel but the Luccarelli Primitivo stole the show.  Rustic and bold, everyone liked this wine that cost less than $10.  The Sledgehammer was really good too – a nice combination of the more refined Cline Zin with the boldness of the Primitivo – and every bit worth the $18 price tag. However, I’ve already gone back and bought more Luccarelli simply because of the value. Let’s just say it made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

Italy |  LCBO 253856 |  $ 9.70

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3 responses to “An offer I couldn’t refuse


    So really – you bought 3 of the same thing to the party but the cheap one was the best!? Did you already do a post on the LCBO app or would you like me to do a guest post for you?

    • Travis Oke

      Well the cheapest was the most Rustic which I like – the Cline is still a nice well made wine that anyone would appreciate
      The Sledgehammer was the best wine – a great Zin – big and spicy undertones

  • Brad

    You always have such amazing insight into pop culture and creative, as well as wise, connections to made with your choice of wines.
    You inspire me.

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