I Had An App In Ontario

This is a guest blog post from my friend John at linktrap – a site where he finds the best of the internet and technology and “traps” it for my enjoyment – yours too.

I was thinking about that famous line from the movie “Out of Africa” with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

“I had a farm in Africa”

I would have been pleased to own a coffee plantation. However, pushed into a corner (in the vintages section), I really think I would choose a vineyard first!

Since I have neither a coffee plantation or a vineyard, I yearn for second best; apps for my iPhone. I have too many apps for photography, and NONE for wine. My first app of the drinking genre comes from our beloved LCBO as we are given to call it.

I was introduced to the app at a party, a surprise party for a friend. For gift giving, the husband had suggested bringing a bottle of red wine. While standing in the kitchen I watched a special unveiling of a bottle for the birthday girl. I recognized the name of the wine, and I assumed it was a nice bottle.

Not long after another bottle of wine was being looked over and suddenly an iPhone was whipped out – that’s how we roll. In a split second an app was opened and magically the bar code was scanned and we had the following intel:

  • The Name of the Wine
  • Store Inventory
  • More Details (aka tasting notes)
  • Price

iPhones were quickly pulled out and the new FREE app was being loaded up. I immediately went straight for the “special” bottle I had noted earlier. This is when it occurred to me that I was about to cross the line.

So what if this bottle wasn’t so special? I was potentially going to out this guy as a cheapskate! On the other hand, he might be fine, having chosen a decent wine (Travis will be the first to tell you that price is not an indication of a wine’s pedigree). It came in at a hefty $45, so price wise, a decent gift for the birthday girl.

So think of the possibilities:

  • using the app to immediately scan the bottle a guest has just handed you as a house warming present
  • scanning bottles at a wedding as the waiter gives you a choice of red or white
  • lurking in Travis’s wine cellar to see if he’s got anything decent

I’m sure you can come up with more ideas – let Travis know how you might use your new LCBO app! And yes, if you must know it’s available for Blackberry users too.

Editor’s Note – My wine apps include Billys Best Bottles (my favorite), the LCBO app, Natalie MacLean’s (great for food pairings), and the Wine Spectator Vintage Chart (since I can’t memorize those on my own).


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