200 very dull things indeed

200 blog posts and not one Jane Austen quote?  This is for my wife’s, and strangely enough my brother’s, amusement. I  considered writing one very clever book or article – instead I settled for 200 very dull things indeed.  And now I attack you with more address.

“Ladies and gentlemen—I am ordered by Miss Woodhouse to say, that she waives her right of knowing exactly what you may all be thinking of, and only requires something very entertaining from each of you, in a general way … and she only demands from each of you either one thing very clever, be it prose or verse, original or repeated—or two things moderately clever—or three things very dull indeed, and she engages to laugh heartily at them all.”  Frank Churchill (Emma)

Yes, I couldn’t stop at just three – and Kenn – I get the full force of your meaning – but thanks for laughing. Also, “I saw you first in February. Let every body on the Hill hear me if they can. Let my accents swell to Mickleham on one side, and Dorking on the other. I saw you first in February“.

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