Special Occasions

“Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge” (note posted on our fridge).

VINTAGES 265306 | Price: $ 15.95

Tasting Note
A light cranberry-red in the glass and displaying aromas of cranberry, cherry and a touch of freshly baked bread on the nose. The palate is extremely well balanced with wonderfully integrated bold red fruit flavours, and a superb crisp acidity providing a firm backbone. Quite a lengthy and flavourful finish. Perfect for sipping with that special someone, or pairing with light seafood salads. (VINTAGES panel, May 2011)


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6 responses to “Special Occasions

  • Brad

    In your opinion, does Saturday morning count as a special occasion?

  • John Matthews (@linktrap)

    We always have some on hand for special occasions and if there is any way that an order of Chinese food can accompany it then it’s truly a party! As a side note – why do so many wines end up providing “Cherry” like attributes (e.g. Shiraz)? Is that something wine makers look for?

  • Brother in Spain

    This is dangerously close to another wine review. Just sayin’ is all. . . dangerously close.

    I love that John equates take-out Chinese with a special occasion. Finally someone who thinks my way. If only they would come up with and all-you-can-eat take-out.

    • Travis Oke

      It is dangerously close to a wine review – except that I cut and pasted it from the LCBO website – so since I “borrowed” the quote I guess that nothing in this post is mine, except the photo

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