Stupid Outdated Laws Part 1

This is illegal in Canada –  If you purchase wine in one province, then drive across the border to another province with that bottle  you can get 3 months in jail.  What is really ridiculous (and I use that word correctly) is that it is going to cost legislative $$ to get this overturned.  I don’t have a law degree but can’t somebody  just shout “Stupid Law” in the House of Parliament and get it overturned without a vote?

A quick google search shed some insight on other stupid Canadian laws that actually make more sense than the one in question

  1. You may not pay for a 50 cent item with only pennies – maybe that’s why we’re not making them anymore
  2. Citizens may not publicly remove bandages – I’m all for this one. Gross!
  3. You may never use dice to play craps – how are math teachers going to teach probability
  4. My own city of Guelph is classified as a no pee zone – hopefully they mean only outside

This is a excerpt from the Globe and Mail

A rookie MP from British Columbia’s wine country appears to have convinced the House of Commons to strike down a law that prevents Canadians from buying wine in one province and taking or shipping it to another province for their own consumption.

A bill by Dan Albas, the backbench Conservative MP for Okanagan-Coquihalla, that would end the inter-provincial barriers governing the wine trade entered the last rounds of debate in the Commons on Monday and received broad support. The date of the final vote has yet to be determined.”

Now more than ever

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