Euro 2012 – let your beer decide

Finally, a scientific study that puts beer and soccer together.  I’ve got the winners for Euro 2012 because the way I figure it the official drink of soccer, or footy as I like to call it, is beer. I know that once I made a case for countries with good wine winning the World Cup but this is a more scientific approach (because this time I did some counting).

If we go by the number of beer selections available to me at the Beer Store in Ontario the tournament would be seeded like this…

  1. Germany 27
  2. UK – which I’ll generously count as England 10
  3. Netherlands 9
  4. Ireland 8 – but surely Guinness counts for more than 1
  5. Denmark 7
  6. Italy 6
  7. France 5
  8. Czech Republic

The way the pools work Germany and England will meet in one semifinal and Ireland would meet the Netherlands in the other semi.  Anyone who knows anything about football knows that ain’t gonna happen. But Germany, you look untouchable – and besides that, saying midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger’s name over and over again will keep me amused for a month.

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