Euro 2012 – Let your wine decide

The UEFA Championships are underway and I have devised another scientific method for determining the winner.  This time I have a statistical analysis based on the FIFA country rankings and my own Wine rankings. I have weighted them and this is what I get.

Using these new coefficients (pullthecork coefficients), based on the formula that took me 15 seconds to develop, the tournament will work itself out this way.

Spain barely eeks out this over France – I will celebrate with the most expensive Cava I can find. However, this one will do until that happens.

VINTAGES 665372 | Price: $ 17.95

Raspberry and strawberry on the nose, delicious, dry cava with a long finish.


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4 responses to “Euro 2012 – Let your wine decide

  • Brad

    Did you see that player from France take a strawberry on the nose yesterday?

  • Travis Oke

    Those French have a different word for everything

  • Brother in Spain

    How do you rate Italy over Spain in the wine category? That’s confusing. Even France is a bit out of whack, seeing as they keep using Spanish grapes and claiming them as their own (Garnacha/Grenache from Aragon, and Cab. Sav. which originated in the Rioja). . . that’s gotta count for something.

    Also, the German’s should get some extra points for invention Hefe Weissen.

    I’m mainly just complaining because it’s part of Spanish soccer-culture. For months after winning the World Cup 2010 the conversation here was focused on how bad the ref. was in the final game.

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