Summer Wine Rule #1

If I could convince you of one new wine rule to follow it would be this – Refrigerate your red wines this summer.

Most of the red wines that you consume in the summer are lighter and benefit from cooling them off before you drink them.  The fruit comes out – you keep juice in the fridge don’t you – and the tannins usually aren’t so heavy that they get harsh at a lower temperature. Half an hour in the fridge will do the trick.

We drank a Minervois (Midi, France) the other night and I hated it. Poured the remainder of my glass down the drain. I “wine savered” it anyway using my  Weinfrischhalter Geschenskset and put it in the fridge. Being too lazy to open another bottle the next night I had a glass of the chilled wine.  This time I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Here are a couple of wines to try “cold”.

LCBO 122077 | Price: $ 12.95

The bottle is pretty enough to bring as a hostess gift.  Georges is a consistent producer of quality Beaujolais.  Light bodied and fruity.  Maybe a little soft to stand up to grilled food but is perfect with a Niçoise salad.

LCBO 173294 | Price: $ 14.95

Aussie version of a Côtes du Rhône (English: Slopes or Hills of the Rhône) – a little lighter perhaps and enough tannins to stand up to grilled food even when chilled.


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