Monster under my bed

Is it only me or does anyone else remember jumping onto the bed from the hallway – just in case there was a monster under your bed?  It rarely occurs to me anymore that there might be something nefarious under my bed waiting to “get” me.

However, I’ve been staying at Brother-in-Spain’s house for the past 2 weeks and decided that a peek under the bed – just to see – might help me sleep better (I might also sleep better if the neighbourhood dogs would shut up at night). Look what I found!

There was a box of LAN Reserva Rioja 2005!  That doesn’t seem scary at all.  I discovered that my brother had been stockpiling wine anticipating my visit.  The last time he stockpiled anything was the Y2K scare – I think he still has  a year’s supply of sardines and bottled water left.

I was a little scared, but I opened the box anyway and was rewarded with delicious rioja.  That helps me sleep at night knowing that the monster under my bed is a monstrously good red wine.


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