A rather complicated source

Sometimes the stories behind a wine are just as interesting as the wine itself. Often they are better. James in Paris hooked me up with these two bottles.


The rosé from an Albanian friend who distributes for Famille Sumeire – a small family winery in Provence. The 1998 Reserva Rioja from an Irishman living in Paris who collected this bottle while living in Spain. He gave it to James in Paris as a thank you for helping him move the contents of his cellar (or “cave” as the French have it) two blocks down the road to his new home.



Both were fantastic wines. Why I ended up with them is simply a story of generosity. Thanks James in Paris.

And thanks Brother in Spain who cooked this canard for me in Paris to enjoy with the wine.



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3 responses to “A rather complicated source

  • Jennie

    I had my first bottle of Faustino while visiting a lovely elderly woman in Switzerland. It really is one of my favorites. I bought several bottles while living in France. My secret hope is that you work for the LCBO and are working on getting some better French and Spanish wines such as these into our stores!

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    […] character trait it is too. I find myself surrounded by generous people. I recently wrote about James in Paris . I just discovered that Phil in Genoa also has the gift of generosity. Genoa Phil and his family […]

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