Harvest Time

Autumn is a food lover’s paradise with everything is being harvested directly to my plate.  I couldn’t be happier.  Grapes too are being harvested and will turn into wine soon enough.  That’s not soon enough!  What’s a guy to do to fill in the gaps?

Muskoka Brewery is doing their best to reach out to impatient wine drinkers with the release of their Harvest Ale today in LCBO stores.  This is not an ale for the light palate. It’s not quite as hoppy as their Mad Tom but it is full of spruce and pine aromas.  My wife’s first response to tasting it – “That’s delicious”.  A strong endorsement indeed. Our next bottle is being paired with a blue cheese.

Harvest Ale is bottled in a 750 mL swing top bottle to encourage sharing.  Anybody else a little bored bringing flowers or wine to a dinner party?  I think this is a great alternative. As my brother-in-law said, “This is a great gift to bring to a BBQ – to straighten out those wine snobs”.  I hope he meant me.

Check out the food pairing ideas at the Muskoka Brewery website.

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