Wine education

I’ve said it before – if we could overhaul our education system and teach people the irreducible essentials of wine then people would be happier.  Let’s build a world that is not fooled by clever wine names  (Goats do Roam)  or cute labels.  Kangaroos chasing little penguins are next on a label believe me and it won’t stop there.

This isn’t really a rant – or is it – but I think if people knew some basics about wine then it would make life easier both at the LCBO and in front of the waiter in a restaurant.

Next time you go to the your local wine store – or a local restaurant – get yourself a Côtes du Rhône.  It’s a red wine, it’s from France, and it pairs with most food.  Lightly chill it (20 minutes in the fridge) and get at it.

With French roosters on the label it has to be good French wine

LCBO 298505 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 10.95
Limited Time Offer
Was: $ 11.95
Now: $ 10.95
Save: $ 1.00 
Until Sep 16, 2012

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