Albert Einstein & Speedy Gonzales

I should let you know right now that this blog post has absolutely nothing to do about wine. That should make brother-in-Spain happy. This is a behind the scenes look at my wine blog – because as usual something else has distracted me from writing about wine.

Internet search engine statistics are a fascinating thing.  Just this past week 14 people in Egypt had nothing better to do but look at my wine blog.  Are they even paying attention to what’s happening outside their own homes?

Also, over the past year the top 3 search words that get people to my blog are …

1. Albert Einstein

2. Gooseberries

3. Speedy Gonzales.

It’s true.

I’m thinking of printing off bumper stickers. “Einstein and Speedy Gonzales love gooseberries” – that should drive traffic to my site.

Speaking of traffic – here are my stats as of this week.  It’s 90 thousand people more than I thought would ever read something I wrote.

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