A Vacuum of Information

First of all, how cool is the word vacuum?  If there’s a better word with consecutive u’s in it then I don’t know it.

Secondly, how come I can’t find any information on the most important wine event of the season – BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU? I can’t get a list from the LCBO (even though I have a reliable inside source) and hardly anybody even discusses it on the interweb.  It certainly is not garnering the attention it deserves.

I think that I am one of the few that champions the event.  So what is it? Well apparently if I tell you I break one of the rules about wine blogging. Three years ago when I was researching how to write a wine blog (yes I did that) the overwhelming cardinal sin was to explain Beaujolais Nouveau.  NUTS TO THEM.

Read about it here in Wine Weekly (I didn’t just invent that). About the only question it doesn’t answer is “Who drinks Nouveau?” Answer – I do.

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10 responses to “A Vacuum of Information

  • Mac Guy

    I too enjoy the event every year. It’s truly pathetic how little push the LCBO gives the event but really, are we surprised by anything to do with the LCBO anymore?

    Last year I happened to stop into the LCBO at St. Clair West and Oakwood and asked a cashier about why there was no literature up about it and could she tell me when it was etc.The blank stare I got from this female cashier, who told me she wouldn’t know Beaujolais from bath water.If the LCBO operated like the “real” world you would need some knowledge of what you are selling or the industry to have a job there but alas that doesn’t even come into play in the slightest to get a job at the LCBO.

    So, on the third Thursday of November, the wife and I will be at Summerhill sampling away and stocking up no thanks to anyone at the LCBO except for the one employee at my local store whom I hounded until he got the info for me.

  • Wine Out Loud

    Me too! I like BN. And it’s a great food pairing wine.

  • Brad

    I know this is all about wine and everything, but what about “Muumuu” it has two U’s twice!

  • Katie

    I had no idea about BN until I read about it on your blog last year. My family and I ended up picking up 5 or 6 bottles and opening them all and doing some sampling and comparing. Very fun. So I’m looking forward to it again this year!

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