Pint of fruitcake please

“Excuse me waiter, what’s this fruitcake doing in my glass?”

It wasn’t the back stroke – it was my Moroccan Brown Ale.

Image_MBA_LabelSpearhead Brewery’s Moroccan Brown Ale is a cloudy, unfiltered pint of brown ale goodness. I’ve always been partial to the brown ale – Newcastle Brown, Mill St’s Tankhouse Ale.  However, a draught pint of Moroccan Brown Ale certainly caught my attention last week.  “What’s that flavour – it’s unusual” I said aloud in me best British voice.  The Moroccan flavours are figs, dates, raisons, and a hint of cinnamon – almost everything that goes into a Christmas pudding.

The Spearhead Brewery website describes this ale as having hints of plum, brown sugar, and dried fruit – so does me Mum’s fruitcake. And while I don’t exactly enjoy me Mum’s fruitcake (at all), this ale is worth hunting down. Click here to find out if it’s in your town. I find mine at the Baker Street Station.

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