“Heck Ya” wine

Always on the lookout for a bargain wine, I pay attention when new products appear on the LCBO shelves that are from Spain and under $12


When I saw the name Hécula on the Spanish shelf I exclaimed “Heck ya”.   Hécula was one of my house wines that the LCBO didn’t sell enough of – so it went on the dreaded product discontinued list. The current version is considered a “step down” in price point for the producer , Bodega Castaño, but it doesn’t taste like it.  In fact it tastes like they just knocked $4 off the price of a great bottle of wine.

Hécula is from the region of Yecla – no I didn’t make that up. Made from the Monastrell grape it has a bit of tannin, lively fruit, and is very food friendly. Certainly one of the LCBO best buys.

As an aside – there have been several times that a wine I recommend has made it to the product discontinued list because the LCBO didn’t sell enough of it.  Maybe you should be reconsider listening to my recommendations – it appears that nobody else buys what I do.  It certainly reflects my scope of influence.

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