That’s not “Fun”

French wine guru Georges Dubœuf has released a new Beaujolais on us at the LCBO.  Named “Fun” I thought I would give it a try because after all Georges is the godfather of wine marketing and he usually puts out a good product.

Mr-Darcy-mr-darcy-16523983-314-436My thoughts on the “Fun” times ahead?  I believe Colin Firth said it best  “Tolerable enough I suppose, but not enough to tempt me” (Mr. Darcy Pride & Prejudice).

This wine isn’t bright enough to be FUN and I absolutely am mad at Georges Dubœuf for his latest marketing trick. Naming a beaujolais “Fun” is like naming your new-born daughter “Cute” and then hoping that she turns out that way. Badly done  Georges, badly done indeed (apologies to brother-in-Spain for mixing my Jane Austen quotes).

bouteille_fun_beaujolais_200_419Actually, the wine wasn’t terrible but not Fun enough to buy again.

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