Legal or not …

I can now sleep securely knowing that if someday coffee trading becomes illegal (ala prohibition) I have secured a contact in Guelph’s “underground coffee” movement.

My sources told me that Joe (real name – I don’t change names to protect anyone) was roasting in his garage right here in Guelph. Feeling a little like investigative journalist Geraldo Rivera visiting Al Capone’s vault, my source and I turned left at Exhibition Park and ended up at the covert, underground operation that is Grizzly Bear Coffee. I was please to find that this vault wasn’t empty. Also,  I didn’t waste 2 hours of precious primetime TV.

In 20 minutes Grizzly Joe (not his real nickname) magically turned tiny pale coffee pits into dark, glossy, coffee beans.

raw coffee


It’s nice to know that I’m again ready for the next Y2K scare – thanks Joe.  I’ve started an underground movement to create a secret coffee of the week club.

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