Because I’m over 40 – I barely understand half the stuff going on in Twitter even though I’m as tech savvy as the next guy (who’s over 40 and Tweets). I still don’t know how Al Gore ever found the time to invent both Facebook and Twitter.

mzl.hdhcuhwc.175x175-75However, I do know that BC wines sent me 6 bottles to drink, review, and tweet about this Thursday night.  The hashtag is #ONtastesBC  and I am the ON side of the hashtag. The whole thing is self-explanatory after that I think.

Here’s what I discovered while tasting the wines sent to me.

  1. If you spend $45 you get a GREAT bottle of wine.  Both the Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin and the Mission Hill Quatrain were way better than most things I drink.  
  2. A $25 dollar Organic Pinot Noir helps make a very tasty beef gravy.  During our tasting dinner I made my version of a  Primanti sandwich (Pittsburghers know what I’m talking about). I recently discovered that I am gifted in the art of making gravy and borrowing a half-cup of Eau Vivre Pinot Noir to lend to gravy was a good thing. Smooth wine makes a smooth gravy.
  3. White wine is a good choice to pair with a charcuterie board.  Both the Gray Monk Gewürztraminer and the Mission Hill Reserve Chardonnay were delicate but acidic enough to cut through the fattiness of the excellent cheese that “J&A” brought for the dinner.

They were released in Ontario this past Saturday – get  to an LCBO store and check out what our cousins on the other side of the country sent to us.


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