Arkell’s Best

Bear with me while I  bring you through seemingly unrelated drivel on England, the BBC, country vet James Herriot, and then back to Arkell before making my point.  Hang in there – you already clicked on this url, why quit now? Besides, I talk about my favorite local ale at the end of this story.

Although my penchant for French food and culture has been well documented, what isn’t widely known is my love of England. I feel quite romantic about  historical BBC productions.   I have quoted Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice more than I have quoted the Simpsons and Futurama combined (which is alot), I have opened Champagne to celebrate season 3 of Downton Abbey, and I love James Herriot.

HerriotWhich brings me to my point.  My favorite scenes in All Creatures Great and Small, involve the denouement of almost each episode; the conversations which take place at the Drovers over a pint of best bitter poured out of a pitcher.  The point – Wellington Brewery makes a fine best bitter – Arkell Best Bitter – a real ale, a cask conditioned ale that is low on carbonation and big on taste that I make “my regular” at the Woolwich Arms.  Where other pints are “packed” in the keg with CO2, the Arkell Best Bitter is “poured” through the lines sans gas.  It really drinks like a pour out of a pitcher.  If you want to feel old school “Yorkshire Style” and experience a real ale – next time is the time to do it.


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