One and only post

This will be my one and only post on the drink known as Jägermeister – the German 70-proof digestif made with 56 herbs and spices.  Those of you that have used Buckley’s cough syrup already know what it tastes like. In truth, Jägermeister was originally made to be a cough syrup. Now it is the friend of college kids everywhere who want to drink 70-proof digestifs.

As you can tell, I’m not a big fan.  Alarmingly my wife is.

However – it caught my attention this week in a Sports Illustrated article.  It appears that Croatian soccer coaches have the same discerning taste as a college student at the liquor store on a Thursday night.


If I ever steal a credit card from a professional soccer player and find myself in a wine store I don’t think I’m buying $680 of Jägermeister. Just sayin’.


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