Riesling for a good cause

Want a chance to drink Riesling and support a charitable organization?  That’s like a gift with purchase at the cosmetic counter – except that you get a couple of samples of Riesling instead of an obscure lipstick colour.

Saturday May 25 at the Scottsdale LCBO the 7th Annual Ontario Consumer’s Riesling Challenge takes place [noon – 4 pm. Put it in your iPhone calendar now!] with proceeds going to the Bracelet of Hope Foundation. That sounds like a good deal to me for the following reasons …

  1. My man Orest [Vintages Specialist at the Scottsdale LCBO] throws a great party.
  2. Riesling is Ontario’s finest white wine varietal [in my opinion – an opinion shared by people more knowledgable than me].
  3. Noon is the perfect time to start drinking white wine.  Unless the doors open at 11 am.
  4. 14 participants are bring their best Riesling for you to try.
  5. $10 gets you 4 samples [and maybe more if I know my wine makers and sales reps].
  6. The collected admission goes directly to Bracelet of Hope.
  7. The Featherstone winery uses roaming sheep to prune their vines [the call it “Sheep Labour“] and will be there with their Black Sheep Riesling.
  8. Fact #7 is darn cute!
  9. There will be free food
  10. My man Orest is worth the price of admission [seriously]

Featherstone’s Sheep Labour

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