Summer Vice

I love a truly clever marketing strategy.  This week I learned of Muskoka Brewery‘s Instagram contest promoting their Summer Weiss – a wheat beer – made specifically for the summer season.

The contest – What’s Your Summer Vice? Share a photo of your Summer Weiss (“vice”) on Instagram or Twitter with the hash tag #SummerWeiss for a chance to win $1000.

Here’s my entry.  My garden is going to be my summer vice.  Also, I’m calling myself a micro-farmer [with apologies to the people who work way harder than me as real farmers – kudos to you].


How deep do you plant these things?

The Summer Weiss won the Gold Award for Best German Style Wheat Beer at the 2013 Ontario Brewing Awards.  More recently it won the Most Delicious Beer Consumed While Micro-Farming award in my back yard.  The weiss is crisp for a wheat beer, light enough for a brunch beer, and I found that the bottle keeps the dirt out while you garden / micro-farm.

Available in six packs for $13.50 /6 x 355ml.  Plant some every couple of weeks to ensure a summer-long supply of weiss.


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