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Wimbledon: the best of British snobbery

Summer starts with Wimbledon.  There is something about the upper echelon of British snobbery that titillates my senses.  This is the type of elitist conversation that I trust is happening at the All England Club this week.

  1. “Only a cad plays tennis on anything but grass”
  2. “Only a slack-jawed hillbilly wears anything but tennis whites”
  3. “Only people with new money talk during a tennis match”

Is there a more aristocratic way of watching a sporting event than a bowl of strawberries and cream? The good old boys ain’t doin’ that at a NASCAR event!

The catering company that works Wimbledon goes through 28 000 kg of strawberries and 7 000 litres of cream to satisfy the visitors. This is what people drink:

  1. 25 000 bottles of champagne
  2. 100 000 pints of draught beer and lager
  3. 200 000 glasses of Pimms
  4. 250 000 bottles of water [why so much water when there is champagne?]
  5. 300 000 cups of tea and coffee [and only 3 of those cups are coffee]

What do we watch the Wimbledon final with in my house?  Strawberries, cream, and champagne. Yes the final is a little early in the morning to be drinking champagne over here on this side of the pond but those expensive tiny bubbles are a great chaser to my morning double espresso.


Lanson is the official champagne of Wimbledon –  it’s $53, but the price of true snobbery should be expensive. Otherwise everybody would be doing it.

LCBO 215962 | Price $ 53.95

Virtual Winery

Virtually everything is virtual these days – or at least can be. But does it mean – literally? Help me all-knowing Wikipedia?

“In various contexts, things are often described as “virtual” when they share important functional aspects with other things (real or imagined) that are or would be described as ‘more real’.”

Here is a list of my  favourite virtual things.

  1. Virtual classroom
  2. Virtual water [sounds dangerous to me]
  3. Virtual colonoscopy [the most comfortable kind]
  4. Virtual particle [I’m only pretending I understand what that means]
  5. Virtual winery

Yes, I said Virtual Winery [although I’ve said the word virtual so much it’s beginning to lose all meaning] and it was started by a Guelph boy making it big in the bright lights of Niagara.

Kevin Panagapka is the winemaker | owner of 2027 cellars.  It is a virtual winery located … nowhere. Well not quite nowhere.

Kevin is renting physical space [vines and buildings] to produce small batches of hand crafted wines.  Without the high startup costs of buildings and land Kevin can focus his resources on wine quality – and isn’t that what I want anyhow?  Currently Kevin sources fruit from 5 existing vineyards – and he and his crew prune, pick, and then ferment.

I suppose if Kevin had already made his fortune as a film director he could have bought his own place in Napa like Francis Ford Coppola – and then imported stone from Italy to make an absurdly expensive and grand winery / movie museum. But I like what he has going both literally and virtually. And tasting his wines will be the best virtual reality you’ve ever experienced.

You can get the wine by ordering it from his 2027 website.


Cold Spell – Why I married ma femme

The weather couldn’t be cooperating less these days.  It should be stinkin’ hot outside and I should be sipping rosé.  My well laid plans seem to have been spoiled by something called a “Northern low”  brought down by the “Jet Stream”, or whatever the Weather Network people are talking about.

Last night I sat in my living room, windows open, cold evening air coming in to an already cool house.  “Is it even warm enough to open that rosé chilling in the fridge?” I asked my wife.

“Close the windows and open the rosé” was her response.  I did marry her for her problem solving skills.


Price $ 10.95