The Signs Are Everywhere

Do you ever wonder if you have good taste in alcoholic beverages?  It can be intimidating to purchase wine, beer, or liquor if you know that you are going to be sharing it with others. Sherlock Holmes often noted that we “see but do not observe”.  Well I tell you the signs are out there – you can easily tell if you have discerning tastes. Look at these three photos taken this week at the wine store near me. One of these things is not like the other.




I think that nobody looks to the under 25 generation for alcoholic beverage advice except other under 25 year olds – and they ain’t buying Veuve.

So if you find yourself looking at a bottle of Jägermeister, a 6-pack of Miller Light, and a 1.5 litre bottle of cheap Rye you might want to reconsider your buying habits and have your ID ready.


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