POPs for Champagne

Last week I read about a bar in Chicago where 60% of the drinks sold are bottles of Champagne! That sounded like a fun place to be – so we went.

The corks keep on popping at Pops for Champagne in downtown Chicago.  In our short visit I saw several magnums come out of the wine fridge [and they ain’t cheap] and heard several vintage champagnes opened as well.  Not surprisingly both the waiters and the clientele had smiles on their faces.  Popping champagne corks is good clean fun.  Hey, if I had more money I might have named this blog PoptheCork.

The other draw was $1 Oysters from 3 pm to 7 pm! When your children down oysters faster than you can shuck them, a one dollar oyster is a good deal.

I asked the Beverage Director – W. Craig Cooper [wicked cool name W. Craig] – to come over and meet the family [did I mention we were the only family in the bar, pretty funny to us at least].  We chatted about POPs while my children continued to down oysters at an alarming rate. Nice place W. Craig.

We had very cool cocktails, a glass of bubbly, and a lot of fun.

Pops for Champagne

601 North State Street at Ohio
Chicago, Illinois

Our cocktails – we are making these at home [you have to make your own simple syrup and infuse it with the herbs]

High Sage   –  Hendrick’s Gin,  Sage Syrup, Ice, Cucumber, Prosecco

Red Sky at Night –  Calvados , Goslings Dark Rum, Rosemary Syrup, Lemon, Ice, Ginger Beer, Cava



$1 Oysters

$1 Oysters

Bubbly makes you smile

Bubbly makes us smile

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