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St. Paul on wine

“Stop drinking water – rather drink a little wine for the stomach ailments that you’ve been getting” St. Paul the Apostle.

I have half a theology degree – which isn’t as dangerous as it sounds – so I am inclined to believe everything that St Paul says. In this, his first letter to Timothy, Paul addresses the topic of wine – presumably red wine.

The message seems clear and straightforward to me.  However, I think I may keep on drinking a little wine to prevent stomach ailments before I get them.  As the bible says “The Lord helps those who help themselves“. No wait, that’s not in the bible – I should have completed that B.Th.

Here is what we are drinking this week. A Monastrell from Spain for $11 which hits the perfect balance of fresh and rustic for your mid-week bible study.


Costanza’s Wallet

Time for me to complain.

I hate carrying a wallet. Even a thin one.  Mine isn’t even close to the Costanza wallet.


There is nothing more annoying that having an overstuffed wallet in one back pocket, a set of keys in the a front pocket, espresso change in the other, and an iPhone in the other back pocket.  It’s not comfortable! Not at all. So my question is, why don’t more men carry a bag [and backpack don’t count]?   I carry a bag  and I get no end of grief from my friends.  What’s wrong with them?

While on the topic of purses – check out the wine purse. I’d carry that – maybe. Okay,  I would make my wife carry it – but it is wicked cool, especially with  Moët!


When does Autumn begin?

Who knows when Autumn really starts?

A source from Columbia University tells me it’s at 4:44 pm on Saturday Sept 22nd when the sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south.

My man Jason at Muskoka Brewery tells me that it begins September 16th – the day they release Harvest Ale to the world.

So I guess it comes down to the reliability of your sources doesn’t it.

Who are you going to believe – Jason at Muskoka Brewery or this so-called Columbia University”? [Who ever heard of an “Ivy League” or a “celestial equator” for that matter?]

Harvest Logo 2

Harvest Ale is available in 750mL bottles and is available at the LCBO and The Beer Store starting September 16th – the first day of Autumn

Harvest Bottle

Pinot for the People party

When my man Orest throws a party it’s a good one.  This Saturday [the 14th] at the LCBO Scottsdale in Guelph there is a party and you are invited. I know that because I was invited and the guy who invited me told me to invite you too.  The party is PINOT for the PEOPLE [sounds very “French Revolutionary” but with glasses of wine instead of beheadings].  With 10 confirmed producers attending there will be lots to choose from.  So if you’ve always wanted to be a wine locavore then this is the time to start.

For a modest $10 admission [which goes to the United Way of Guelph] you can taste Ontario Pinots and taste food stuffs from OX Guelph [I’ve seen the sneak preview menu and it’s very good – pork rillettes, mussels, lamb skewers]. Come and meet the owners and winemakers of some of Ontario’s finest.

This Saturday 11:30 - 3:30

Scottsdale LCBO this Saturday 11:30 – 3:30

Does it even make a difference?

Sometimes my palate is not discerning and sometimes it’s so good that I’m convinced I can taste  “goat farm next door to the vineyard” in a wine.

However, I think that floral notes are not my strength – and that’s why I’m undecided about Gin.

Does your brand of Gin make a difference?  Anyone?

What if I only drink Gin and tonic? What if I drink a Gin martini?

Somebody help me on this one please.

We bought Tanqueray after years of Bombay and I don’t know if I even notice a difference.  I think I like Bombay better but I’m not even sure.

Tell me!