Does it even make a difference?

Sometimes my palate is not discerning and sometimes it’s so good that I’m convinced I can taste  “goat farm next door to the vineyard” in a wine.

However, I think that floral notes are not my strength – and that’s why I’m undecided about Gin.

Does your brand of Gin make a difference?  Anyone?

What if I only drink Gin and tonic? What if I drink a Gin martini?

Somebody help me on this one please.

We bought Tanqueray after years of Bombay and I don’t know if I even notice a difference.  I think I like Bombay better but I’m not even sure.

Tell me!


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21 responses to “Does it even make a difference?

  • lisa mitchell

    I recently tried Brokers – and it was delicious! I would have told you that I don’t like gin – but this had clear notes of corriander, citrus, and a touch of star anise. Sounds weird – I know! But it was fabulous and with a really heavy mouthfeel. I would have it as a martini – not being a gin drinker, I can’t image putting soda in this – but on the rocks with a twist – would be lovely.

  • Cousin Ed

    Ha! That’s seriously quite coincidental! I was wondering the same thing this evening. I just bought a 40 of Bombay when I usually by Tanqueray! (mainly because on my weekly visit to Costco they only had the 26 of Tanqueray, which is too small to fit in my cupboards). I always thought Bombay was a bit too sharp, giving Tanqueray thumbs up for being smooth and absolutely yummy. Granted, I only had a gin and soda this evening, but I did have to give it an extra squeeze of lime (don’t know if the lime was a dud or if that sharpness was coming through). The true test will come from a Martini (007 style). Now, this debate in my head got me thinking… what if I stray from the rather common selection of London Dry? Well, that just leads to the only reasonable answer… I must test more gin. So, this month I plan to pick up a few contenders and will have a verdict. The players will be Bombay, Tanqueray (plus the 10), the new(ish) popular kid on the block – Hendricks, Blue Ribbon Dry, and finish it off with a bottle of G’ Vine Nouaison (if I can find it). I’ll keep it civil and leave the Americans out of it. If you would like me to pursue more for my testing expedition, which I fully condone, please send me an e-mail bank transfer ($200 should do it).

  • bryna

    I say HA! too just like cousin Ed. We have been serious Bombay drinkers ( to the tune of 3 or 4 40 ouncers per summer- not just us drinking but also friends) and recently bought Tanqueray cause the little store in Baysville didn’t have our brand and I just plain like the Bombay better- maybe it’s the “blue”. Have it in Gin and tonic, negronis with a twist which is 1 oz fiery southern comfort ( the one with hot peppers- yes that’s correct), 1oz compari, and 2 oz of gin with an orange twist- very pretty but not for the faint of heart; lemocello, gin and lime juice also darn good.

    Have also tried Hendricks and it is also yummy but hard to find.

  • Cousin Ed

    Okay, I will change my selection just slightly. My quest will be this: to arduously test an assortment of bottles that are under $40, are readily available in both Alberta and Ontario, and pick only ones that look really cool. The $40 limit will be in play, mainly because if I am going to spend more I should be buying Scotch. Update in a few weeks. Wish me luck.

  • Cousin Ed

    Just picked up a bottle of Hendricks, 1L for $51. @750ml, $38.25. It will be in play.

  • Cousin Ed

    You owe me big time.

  • bryna mcleod

    Where do you live cousin ed? I’m thinking we should do a little road trip and have a gin off night/ weekend/ week – however long it takes us to truly see what the deal is. (Drinking your research bottles, of course).

  • Cousin Ed

    Calgary. I might need some assistance here.

  • Cousin Ed

    Okay, my last living bottle is the Hendrick’s, so, that one comes in last. I guess if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, you might like it. What? I do not like it traditionally served. Hendrick’s sucks big time with limes and/or olives. It has potential as an alternate drink, accompanied with cucumber. Really.

    Here is the list in order from best to worst, served as both a dry martini with olives or lime zest, and also with a sparkling mineral water with ice and lime. This is just my ranking, and as far as I’m concerned, is the list.

    1. Tanqueray #10
    2. Beefeater 24
    3. Tanqueray*
    4. Bombay Saphire*
    5. Citadelle
    6. Gordons
    7. Broker’s
    8. Hendrick’s

    *best buys and will stay as my house bottles (Tanqueray tastes smoother)

    So, does it even make a difference? If it doesn’t matter what mustard you buy then I guess not. To me, it does.

  • Bryna

    Harsh on the Hendricks cousin Ed, but I guess a man’s entitled to his opinion.

  • Cousin Ed

    I’ve discovered that Hendrick’s is kind of like olives, you either love it or hate it. It does come in a cool bottle though. Yes, maybe a little harsh….

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