Pinot for the People party

When my man Orest throws a party it’s a good one.  This Saturday [the 14th] at the LCBO Scottsdale in Guelph there is a party and you are invited. I know that because I was invited and the guy who invited me told me to invite you too.  The party is PINOT for the PEOPLE [sounds very “French Revolutionary” but with glasses of wine instead of beheadings].  With 10 confirmed producers attending there will be lots to choose from.  So if you’ve always wanted to be a wine locavore then this is the time to start.

For a modest $10 admission [which goes to the United Way of Guelph] you can taste Ontario Pinots and taste food stuffs from OX Guelph [I’ve seen the sneak preview menu and it’s very good – pork rillettes, mussels, lamb skewers]. Come and meet the owners and winemakers of some of Ontario’s finest.

This Saturday 11:30 - 3:30

Scottsdale LCBO this Saturday 11:30 – 3:30


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