Deja Vu [all over again]

I find the deja vu fun.  A little discombobulating at times – but certainly something to have fun with.

Like last week when I lined up at the LCBO.

My line was only 4 deep – and with modern scanning machinery I was certain to fly through the line. Except that I was behind 3 university boys who were definitely going to be ID’d before being allowed to buy alcohol.

Deja Vu – didn’t I already write about this once in 2011 –  Educate Our Youth?  What can we learn by analyzing what the University student of today is buying for “education purposes”.

Let’s look at the evidence.

Wow - good retro marketing here too

Wow – good retro marketing

Student #1  a 6 pack of Old Milwaukee in hand – guys, this is weak, not retro

Student #2 buying 4 Rock Star vodka tall boys – wha

Student #3 purchasing Pabst Blue Ribbon – apparently the choice of the Hipster [another fad I don’t get]

You know what – don’t ID them – enrol them in a mandatory education program. Like the ones where you have too many traffic demerit points and have to be taught how to properly drive.  I really wanted to pull all three over to the side – give them a ticket – and teach them that a 6 pack of any micro-brewery would enrich their lives much more than mass produced, watery “beer”.  The Rock Star Vodka kid?  Sometimes people just need to lose their priviledges.

PS – the beer advocate even has tasting notes on Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Isn’t that an oxymoron?


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